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C4D named one of the world's best design schools by BusinessWeek

C4D named one of the world's best design schools by BusinessWeek

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C4D Integrates educational and research activities to develop new commercial practices and this has made C4D the design partner of choice for global brands and innovative SMEs.


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C4D's industry-based collaborations facilitate and develop knowledge transfer between our education and research programmes and commercial practice.

C4D's industry collaborations act as an interface between C4D and external commercial practice

C4D works with industry in a variety of ways, through workshop programmes, seminars, consultancy, student research projects and applied research. All our work with external organisations has the needs of the client firmly in focus throughout the working relationship. This enables both C4D and our clients to benefit from the synergies that develop during our collaborations.

We work with SMEs, corporate, public sector or not-for-profit organisations. This interface facilitates two-way relationships that allows industry to be informed by current best practice in design-driven innovation and similarly for our research and education programmes to benefit from leading edge business practices.

C4D works internally and externally in the University to help find ways to translate science and technology based opportunities into market ready solutions.C4D brings a user-centred approach to technology development that helps to find new markets and applications for technologies. We help to determine what’s needed and what’s possible. We use a combination of design and engineering skills to bring ideas to life. This often involves C4D developing the product, communication and brand.